Fluid simulation issues in 2.91

I’ve brought up the issues of trying to get fluids to flow through enclosed surfaces before (still waiting for a solution to that one), but another issue I’ve been having related to it is regarding the domain itself. It breaks both the simulation and Blender itself whenever I try to scale it up to the size I want it to be. The only time the domain works is if I set up a simulation through the “Quick Liquid” button in the Quick Effects toolbar. But it only seems to work with the default size for the domain, any changes to it and it either makes the simulation break itself or crashes Blender outright.

I don’t know how to fix it, nor do I know if it’s something on my end, or if it’s something wrong with Blender that I don’t know about. I would appreciate it if some could point me in the right direction with this situation.

Are you scaling the domain at the object level? If so, try leaving it at a scale of 1 and use the TAB-KEY to enter edit mode and scale up the points that define the domain instead. Remember, the larger you make the domain, the higher the Resolution Division you will need to obtain good result. (longer sim time and you may need more physical ram)

Yeah, I’ve been scaling it in Object mode, mostly because all the tutorials I’ve seen talking about Mantaflow in 2.91 have the person making the video performing the changes to the domain in object mode.

Update to the situation- using edit mode worked, but now I can’t get it to work with a pipe object, even when I set the Effector (the pipe) to the “Is Planar” setting.

Got another issue I want addressed (not making another topic for this out of respect for repetitiveness). But how do I go about giving a fluid simulation multiple colors?