Fluid Simulation - Lots of floating Droplets

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a project for a collaboration and they’ve asked me to have a beach scene where a woman washes on shore. I adjusted most of the settings myself but used CG Cookie’s waves tutorial for some guidance. When I had gotten the waves to behave in a manner I liked at a lower resolution (about 120), I turned up the resolution to 400 and baked it overnight (19 hours). When it finished, I attempted to render a frame but Blender would crash. I turned off all of the subdivisions, including the one for the fluid simulation and finally got an image.

This was the result:

In the preview window, there are only a few of of these droplets but they are on the ground. This is most likely due to the preview resolution being only set to 45.

If someone can figure out what is going on, that would be greatly appreciated. I’ve included the .blend file in the post although I’m not sure the baking will be included. Thank you. Shore Waves.blend (4.5 MB)