Fluid Simulation Not Coming from the Inflow, Domain Turns Into Fluid

Hey guys, I’m having some problems with the Fluid Simulation, I am trying to have a pipe that spits out fluid, which I have made an inflow object, But its not spitting out fluid, the Domain seems to turn into fluid and my fluid object is just acting like a decoration which is not an obstacle. Does anybody know why this is happening and how to fix it?

Did you give your inflow a velocity ?


Try using a negative velocity for a downwards flow.
Make sure your objects have a scale value of 1 (use Ctrl+A / scale)

Also 5 is a fairly high setting for that field, I would try -0.1 and go from there.


The domain turning into fluid is the standard behavior for the fluid simulator.

Also, the fluid mesh is just a “placeholder” to tell the fluid simulator where you want fluid to appear.
To hide it, click the little eye icon in the outliner for your fluid object, once the fluid simulation is finished, to hide it.

Thanks Richard and JarellSmith. I am going to try those settings tonight. :slight_smile:

when you say inflow object: not the pipe, make a little cylinder that sits just beyond the end of the pipe to act as the inflow -btw fluid follows the normal so make sure none are reversed. Its also interesting that the bigger the inflow volume, the bigger the volume of flow. Also make sure that the inflow volume doesn’t overlap with an obstacle volume (done that one)

Another tip to remember, if you’re using a pipe, I would guess that it’s opened on one end at least. If that’s the case, try changing the inflow/fluid object fluid initialization to “shell” instead of “volume.” Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Try both.

According to the wikipedia, if the object (fluid, inflow, obstacle, etc…) is open, then setting the initialization to “volume” doesn’t work. “Volume” and “Both” are strictly for closed objects.

I’m going to assume you are referring to the official Blender wiki, and not to the actual Wikipedia… :wink:

This may be my problem. I wasted four hours at work last Friday dealing with really weird fluid behavior. Is there a reason a scaled object doesn’t work with fluid Sims?

Is anyone willing to upload a .blend file? I’d like to se one if possible.

Please How do i set my fluid so that it looks a lot more like water

And also please I am very new to blender and would want to ask where I could get tutorials that would help me in mastering blender from animation to modelling. Thanks for the help in advance…