Fluid simulation not generating particles

im trying to simulate big simulation scene, where liquid domain is 300m long and 150m wide.
Im trying my hands on generating big waves interacting with various objects.
in small scale simulations there is no issue in generating foam/spray/bubbles. but in this type of large scale scenes blender is not generating these particles. count of these particles in particle tab is always zero. it only generates the liquid particles. i have tweaked all the variables and setting . nothing seems to work. tried all the cache methods.

have given the screenshot of the scene. in particles tab the count is always zero!
someone please help me to get over this. clearly im missing something to consideration. this would be of great help. thanks!

You small scale works? Then try to make it larger. If it works, there is obvious a difference between the two. (You know you can have two instances of blender open to compare?)

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It looks like there is a bug.
Mantaflow does not generate secondary particles for domains that above 50m wide.

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thanks buddy, i learnt this hard way. took days to find this. this means that we have to scale everything else down, to match the maximum domain size of 50m. which means increasing resolution crazy high enoughto explode your gpu and ram.
thanks for the reply buddy. i only wish i knew this earlier!!!