Fluid Simulation Probelm

So I’m fooling around with the Fluid Sim, and I decided I was going to simulate water falling into a wine glass.

The issue is two fold. First off, when I set the glass to an obstacle, it is ignored by the fluid. Also, occasionally, when I bake the simulation, the water doesn’t fall, it just instantly goes to the bottom of the domain at the second frame.

Any help is appreciated. I can post a blend if need be, but I don’t know the best place to upload it.

edit: Crap, I just saw my spelling mistake in the title… sorry…

this is an awefully sketchy post. Is the resolution high enough? What version of blender are you using? How is the water starting - inflow or fluid object?

May I suggest starting over more simply until you get the fluid right: a cube domain, a cube obstacle and a cube fluid object and then bake and go from there.

Here is an example:

Just replace the bowl mesh with your wine glass. You may need to extend the domain. So make sure all your objects end up inside the domain.


water_in_bowl.blend (597 KB)

Yea… sorry for the lack of specificness…
I had to increase the width of the cup part of the glass, and I eventually just took off the steam. I recalculated the normals and it works