Fluid simulation problem

Hello,I am facing this problem:
I got a bowl and I want to let a liquid flow inside.
So i made a cube(or sphere or some shape) and gave it liquid–>liquid properties.I gave the bowl liquid–>obstacle properties and i made a cube to contain both and gave it liquid–>domain properties and used honey in an option below.
When I bake the liquid simulation the liquid that drops does not enter the bowl(that is open from the above).It is like it hits some invisible face at the top of the bowl,although there is none there, and it flows outside the bowl.First I thought it has something to do with the bounding box of the bowl but when it flowed outside it followed the exact shape of the ball.So this is not the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. If I get no answers soon I am gonna try to upload the scene.

Check face normal directs are correct. Try setting the bowl Volume Initialisation as a Shell. Ensure the scale of all objects is 1

The most important thing though is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS supply a blend file so we don’t have to guess what you’ve set all the dozens of settings to and having to imagine what your scene looks like.

p.s. If I get no answers soon I am gonna try to upload the scene.
Why didn’t you do this anyway ??? So we don’t have to beg for it !!

My bad,here it is now:
The bowl is at the 4rth scece,just add a cube to contain it and make it domain with honey option.
I am pasting this before I check your solutions.On my way to check them now though.

Ok,the Shell option worked.But I got two questions also:
1)My bowl was scaled,is this bad?Should I make the simulation before I scale it and scale everything after?And why is this bad?
2)I made the cube above the bowl fluid and the fluid ran from the left.So I remade it and rotated so that face of the cube faces the bowl now and it still ran from the left.And when I pressed the local option to see the x,y,z axis it did not ran towards a particular axis.Nevertheless it still hit the “domain” box and landed on the bowl so work done.But if you know why this happens,please tell me.

+I should use shell to every obstacle option,in which the item should contain the fluid and not just change its direction?

Thanks in advance.

+In the same bowl,although the simulation goes well I can see some of the fluid getting through it.Like they don’t understand the exact co-ordinates of the bowl.Or is it a bug like the clothing simulation where the edges sometime go through the objects’s edges etc.?

Fluid obstacles work best if they have some thickness to them, and fluids behave better at higher resolutions. The things you’re asking about are the most common questions from people just learning the fluid system. Here’s a thread that pretty much covers it all, with example files. See post #20 for the best example .blend file.

Thanks a lot mr. Horseman.On my way to read everything.