Fluid simulation problem

I made a bowl and an inflow object high above it which pours water into the bowl. But the water is falling off the bowl as if there was an invisible surface above the bowl. It isn’t falling inside the bowl. Could anyone tell me what might be the problem?


water.blend (578 KB)

The short answer is that one the sphere (the bowl) on the volume initialization you change it to ‘shell’ . These steps will get you a decent sim:

  1. On the cube (the domain) select it hit ctrl-A , choose ‘scale’ (apply the scale)
  2. On the sphere, in the solidify modifer, change the offset to 1 (from -1)
  3. On the sphere, in the sim, change volume init to ‘Shell’
  4. On the cube, in the domain settings, change viewport diplay to ‘final’, change the resolution for final and preview to about 110-150
  5. bake it again.

You can add a subsurf modifier to the cube (after the sim) to smooth it out some. Also set the shaing to smooth of the domain cube.