Fluid simulation problems

There have been similar threads already, and I’ve read through them all, but I’m not sure what they’re looking for is what I’m looking for.

So, I’m trying to get water to stay in a bowl and have it look like it’s been sitting there for a while (Still water), then have a small ball drop into the bowl and sink, and have a boat drop and float (both have been pre-animated since I have no idea how to mix the physics in with fluids, but that’s beside the point). (If it’s of any interest it’s a representation of buoyancy for my animation class.)

Now when I bake the water, instead of the water staying inside the bowl, it somehow ends up floating above the bowl and somehow ends up all over the floor. Help? I’ve tried changing the settings, getting rid of modifiers, making new domains/fluid objects, and whatever else to the best of the my knowledge.

Thank you in advance for your help. c:

(I’ll give you folks the .blend file, also. Let’s see if the attachment will work.)


Water Simulation.blend (250 KB)

Some initial things to do.
Reset all object scales to 1 (Ctrl+A / 1)
Just make the domain a cube, making it a sphere serves absolutely no purpose. Position the domain so it surrounds all objects that take part in the fluid sim, make it only as big as it needs to get the most out of your fluid simulation.
You’ve set the size of your domain to simulate an object 8.25m wide, is that what you really want ?

The domain was originally a cube, but it turned into a sphere when I stopped the baking. No idea why it did that.
Are you talking about the world size? I honestly didn’t know what that really does. I read on some tutorials that the higher the value, the better. I’m relatively new to Blender (animating in general) so I’m still figuring things out.

I’ll reset the scales and change the domain size and see how that works out. Thanks, a lot!

None of what you said I should do did anything. The water still ends up everywhere. :I

Here’s your file partially cleaned up to get you started again with.
Just start with a simple scene, get it working correctly and then build on it rather than get a messy scene and then try and troubleshoot


Water Simulation (1).blend (67 KB)