Fluid Simulation Problems


I’ve started working with fluid simulations in an animated scene. I’m following the cup shattering tutorial by Richard van der Oost: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0VJmmPPvwA. The basic set up is a cup full of fluid being shattered by a bullet traveling through the scene. I have the start and end time of the fluid simulation set to a small interval (0.000 seconds to 0.370 seconds over 250 frames) to simulate a slow motion effect. My simulation runs fine until the bullet comes into contact with the fluid and the cup shards begin flying all over the place. Many times the fluid will disappear as soon as it’s contacted. The only part of the fluid that can be seen is where it contacts the cup shards and will disappear over the next few frames. If I increase the end time, the fluid will simulate out fine, but I lose my slow motion effect I’m trying to achieve. This issue appears to be more frequent when I turn the resolution up. In addition, when I’m baking out at a high resolution, the simulation appears to stop for no reason with no given error message. It stops as soon as the bullet contacts the fluid. Checking the resource monitor, I’m using about half of my available memory when this happens. I am using the most current version of Blender and I’ve tried a few older ones with no change. I’ve adjusted the bounding box size many times to no avail. Any idea what may be causing my issues?

My first guess would be that the slip type of your bullet is messing it up. I heard somewhere that if your slip type is set to something in a certain type of scene, the fluid will have problems and it might even stop the baking process as well. Play around with the slip types of the bullet and the cup shards and see if that changes anything.

An other possibility is that your memory runs out for this sim. This is because after the impact the simulation needs more memory to store the than more complex mesh structure.
Try lowring the reslution a lot and see if it works