Fluid Simulation Scales

hey guys

i’m new to the forums and am looking for some help with fluid sims. im looking to replicate Jason van Gumster siggraph tsunami fluid sim but am having troubles with getting the scale rite. currently i am using a standard box as a domain with a rectangle as my fluids with some obstacles. i can get the animation going fine but the problem comes in with the scale of the water. unlike in Jason’s animation the water in mine lacks any detail and form “blobs” of water rather than defined (and small) droplets. i cant seem to get any ripple definition on the surface of the water either. I tried raising my fluid resolution up to 150 and also tried scaling the whole scene with no luck. i was hoping that one of you would be able to assist in this regard.


thanks alot

Change realworld size value to 10.

afraid that didnt help. and i did actually try that :stuck_out_tongue:
im utterly confused here


I feel your pain matsta. I’m trying to figure out how to not have clump plump
blobs of goo as well. :spin:

So anyone figure out how to get away from the blobby look? I’m confused why the setting suggests water when it produces by default something close to glue.
Any look on the scale issue?