Fluid Simulation WINDOWS BUILD released!


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Tutorial here:



Does anyone still USE this ancient OS? :slight_smile:
(sorry, I could’nt stop myself)

BTW. Softbodies and Fluid Sim seems to be really cool, but what about simple collisions?

I know sort of collision could be done with softbody when use “stiff quads” and maximized “use edges” but it seems to work only with simple meshes like cubes and anything more complicated is like jelly gum.

well, never mind I think I’ve found it http://wiki.blender.org/bin/view.pl/Blenderdev/OdePhysicsIntegration
(which means it’s not working yet)

Quick test render I just made

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Ive been doing some tests, and while the fluid sim
works fine with the default b.blend, when I update
my b.blend I get an instant craash as soon as I
press bake. I dont think its anything in my setup
(paths etc) but I have found if I then delete my
b.blend file it works again. Strange. I realise this
is only beta, and so far it looks very promising.

This is on winxp. Does anyone else have this problem.


It works ok for me as well, found a few issues

  1. if I change something (collision object shape) after applying the button type, then it doesn’t use the changed collission object shape but instead the original shape, it would seem logical to retrieve the update shape on a bake command.

  2. If I try and save a blend file after a bake it crashes blender and destabilizes the OS (random file system crashes).

  3. It gets confused by collission objects where the face normals are pointing the wrong direction (and causes the domain box to flicker in and out).

Great fun to play with, can’t wait till the fluid properties are exposed to the interface.


Haha :D…

The fluids integration looks very promising and I’m looking forward to work with this tool.

Haha :D…

The fluids integration looks very promising and I’m looking forward to work with this tool.[/quote]

is this post funny to anyone else?

Water test 8)

Haha :D…

The fluids integration looks very promising and I’m looking forward to work with this tool.[/quote]

is this post funny to anyone else?[/quote]

Not particularly…
but i find it hilarious to imagine if you kept a logbook over “nasty-atheists” that
would find it funny. :smiley:

(I am joking in case you take it too seriously)

I bet you could use Blender’s new fluid simulation to animate that.


what about you limit yourself here to serious posts and not this imature crap you just put in here? just a tip.

Immature? Like claiming that everyone that doesn’t do like you is an idiot? Talk about throwing bricks in a glass house. %|

To bring this back to topic, this simulation is a lot faster than I had expected, actually. Way cool to experiment with, and yeah, support for moving objects would make it ubercool. :slight_smile:

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I know very well the meaning of words. You might not want to say the word stupid, but your point was quite obvious. My remark in this thread may have been blunt, but considering the amount of crap I hear from OS-zealots, be glad I was in a pretty good mood today. However, I’d like to put this behind me now, so could I - pretty please?


Unfortunately the SOC project for physics appears to have not happened (ie there hasn’t been a single CVS commit by the developer, nor has there been any progress reports), so unless a ‘last minute miracle’ occurs, it isn’t likely to be done (at least not by that developer).


its awesome!! beware alias… blender is coming…

I - I - I - I am blown away completely!

Just add a few clicks and it makes it’s own sauce. :stuck_out_tongue: Right now I feel like I’ve not only missed my boat on programming, but I’m stranded on an uncharted island.
Just out of curiosity, Besides Houdini(many expressions and SOPs to do a similar procedure…Believe me) and C4D(Nice, but nicer with COFFEE), is there any other application that can do “this”? like say Max or Maya? I assume they can, I just wouldn’t know myself. TeeHee, I’m not in the biz so I don’t need em. Blender Rules, baby. It ruled before, but now, it rules peoples moms :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding) :smiley:

Aparently Maya does something similar, but you have to buy Maya Unlimited. Maya Complete doesn’t have it.

I did a little google on em and there is this plugin that Max, Maya and C4D have had for a while called RealFlow. I guess it’s been around during Max 4 and probably pretty advanced by now. I saw this picture of a hand with water running over it and it looked convincing. But then again, here at Elysiun,[edit] Metsys, you[/edit] made a tank with obsticales and even a hole in one tank and water pouring everywhere. that looked convincing too. Teehee, Blender has fluid simulation built right in it! :o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: