Fluid simulation with curve tracking


Just today I’ve learnt how to make an object follow a curve, and how to control the speed etc. I then started experimenting with implimenting fluid sim with this, trying to get the moving object to be the inflow object. However, unlike when I move it with basic keyframing and IPOs, the fluid comes out of where the block is in frame 1 as opposed to constantly changing.

Any ideas why? All help is appreciated :slight_smile:



I haven’t tested this, but perhaps it is a bug. Have you posted this to the bugtracker?

You could first add an obstacle to ‘guide’ your inflow object along
the path, and then parent the inflow object to your obstactle.
Be sure to activate “Export” in the Obstacle options (next to the “Animated Mesh” text).


Good call, Gimble. I’d totally forgotten about that. Naive Amoeba, he’s right.