Fluid simulation with moving objects

I’ve been trying to get the settings correct for this affect:

Stabilized water (fluid has filled a container/domain) with objects animated rising up and breaking the surface of the fluid, with the fluid running off the objects back down.

Has anyone done something like this? And wouldn’t mind sharing the fluid settings?

Check out the Blender Guru Fruit Splash tutorial.

Or visit www.blendswap.com and search for working fluid example files.

Thanks for the link

Thanks Atom,

By any chance does anyone know whether I can use soft body physics for obstacles? I want to animate a silicone spatula scraping a thick sticky fluid off of the walls of a clear round container. That brings my second question, can i make the domain any shape?


You can, but it’s complicated and difficult to get working right, and there’s no reason to fiddle with soft body physics in the first place if you just want to make a silicone spatula. I would just use an armature with a segmented B-bone in the spatula blade, probably with a stretch-to constraint on a target bone that would define where it touches the bowl. In fact, I suspect you could even use either a Floor constraint or shrinkwrap on the target bone to automatically keep it in contact with the bowl, but I haven’t tested this. It should be relatively easy to rig and try out though. Much easier than even setting up soft bodies for this purpose in the first place, much less getting them to play well with a fluid simulation.

Your domain is a cube or other rectangular solid. It sounds like you want to use the domain as your bowl, and that is a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of the domain. The domain is the area in which your fluid simulation takes place. It’s not the container that the fluid rests in. For that you’ll want to make Fluid Obstacle objects. A bowl mesh will serve just fine for this purpose.