fluid simulation works,but for the fluid not being held by the obstacle

Finally got the fluid sim to work and having a very blender weekend (which is great but not without frustrations)Also had the domain turn into a fluid particle but solved that by deleting the files in cache folder.
My remaining prob is that the bowl, set to obstacle (as are the three balls inside it) is not holding the fluid.
I have, recalculated, flipped the normals several times over.
The little blue rays indicator seems to point outward no matter what.
Read the wiki…
Hope someone can advise or point me to the right info.

You probably just need to increase the final resolution. I would try at least 200, maybe more depending on the size of your domain.

The size of the fluid voxels (those little cubes you see in wire frame view mode for the domain/baked fluid) need to be smaller than the thinnest portion of your bowl/obstacle.

If the fluid doesn’t splash out of the bowl (un-likely because of the balls in the bowl), you could simplify the obstacle by just using the top portion of the bowl (if the fluid doesn’t come into contact with the base/stand of the bowl.

All right, thank you, will try it and see what haps.
Have a great weekend