Fluid Simulation

This is my first post so please be patient with me.

I am new to fluid simulation and I am having trouble getting my water to look “real.”
I am using a big cube as my domain and my fluid is an icosphere.
I have a sub surface on the “fluid” of about 6.
I can totally see my polygons:

How the heck do I get my water looking like this:

Oh… and by the way… the Mr. T smile ROCKS!! :ba:

I really appreciate your help.

You have to increase the output resolution of the fluid sim.

Also, you have some raytracing artifacts due to ray depth. Increase the ray depth on the water material to get rid of those black spots.

Also, set your fluid domain mesh to “set smooth” in the “Editing” Panel (F9). That will get rid of the harsh edges between polygons.