Fluid Simulations

I made some fluid sims, and i am working on uploading them now.

they should be uploaded soon.

i really like the material i found for them…i was just messing around, and got it to look cool.

only one is very good…so far

the other(s) is not as good. (no angmap, and much smaller)

Yes, quite interesting… Um, where are they?

there was a problem uploading them, it might be a few days…maybe one is ok. ill check.


i HATE putfile…

it doesn’t work with macs…

at least all the ones ive tried… i cant watch any movies from there…

Suite yourself, sounds like a personal problem to me

google video

Usually you upload, THEN start a thread.
Unless your asking for help on uploading.

Nice… but I think there is to much alpha in this piece… perhaps something more… uhm, visual…

You cant watch videos using putfile for linux either :-?

So please dont put it on putfile.

what you talking about! I’m on a mac and I can watch files on putfile no problem.

im using google video…there was a problem with the file…might be fixed shortly.

(Can a mod please delete this thread or something? i will start a new one when i have all the problems fixed.)

Anyway I officially tag this thread Useless.