Fluid Simulator Domain is always square???

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I’m trying to put water in a glass… when I create a fluid simulation no matter what shape I designate as my domain it always ends up being square. Is there a trick to make liquid be contained in a shape other than a square?


Use the domain just as a volume of space in which a fluid can exist. The simplest way is to use a cube for convenience. The only important thing about the domain is its longest dimension. This is the length used for its real-world size in its settings. If you want to contain a fluid to a particular shape, create a box in the shape you want and make it a fluid obstacle.



Thanks. Still a bit confused. I’ve tried organic shapes, or even as simple as half a sphere… no luck… it just automatically turns into a square after I bake it. If I want to pour water into a glass, using a square as the domain wouldn’t work… how could I contain it in the glass? Would I mask it out somehow in a post-production technique?


http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/thumb/f/f2/Manual-Fluid-70res.jpg/240px-Manual-Fluid-70res.jpg http://wiki.blender.org/skins/common/images/magnify-clip.png
10cm mug at Resolution 70.

http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/thumb/3/3d/Manual-Fluid-200res.jpg/240px-Manual-Fluid-200res.jpg http://wiki.blender.org/skins/common/images/magnify-clip.png
10cm mug at Resolution 200.

The bounding box of the object serves as the boundary of the simulation. All fluid objects must be in the domain. Fluid objects outside the domain will not bake. No tiny droplets can move outside this domain; it’s as if the fluid is contained within the 3D space by invisible force fields. There can be only a single fluid simulation domain object in the scene. The lengths of the bounding box sides can be different.
The shape of the object does not matter because it will always be a fixed cubic of space. So, usually there won’t be any reason to use another shape than a box. If you need obstacles or other boundaries than a box to interfere with the fluid flow, you need to insert additional obstacle objects inside the domain boundary.
This object will be replaced by the fluid during the simulation.

I don’t understand what your problem is. Post an image showing what’s not working.


You need to set the cup in your example as an Obstacle, not the Domain. The Domain can be thought of as the ‘room’ where fluid sim will take place. This ‘room’ is always cubic/rectangular, and fluid cannot leave this ‘room’ or domain.

Make a room that is the domain, and then allow some fluid to pour into a cup that is an obstacle, sitting on the floor in the room.

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I was wondering if anyone can direct me to a Tutorial on How to make Fluid Run through a Tube like shape and come out the other side … i can do the fluid effect pretty good im just bored of it being in a sqaure container… i would like to do other things with it only i cant so if anyone can show me away round this major issue im having.,… id be very greatful thanks.

@halfasix check out this tutorial… It’s help