Fluid Simulator Not Working Properly

Hello everyone. I cell-fractured a wine glass I modeled, set up the wine glass to fall and break on the ground, and now I want some wine to splash along with the glass breaking. I set up the fluid simulation, set the shards to an obstacle, cranked up the resolution and baked. After 1 frame, my CPU stopped baking, Blender stopped responding, and I eventually had to restart my computer. I cannot identify any problems. I always make sure I have enough RAM available for the simulation. Solutions? Blend: http://pasteall.org/blend/24462

I don’t see that it has a camera.

Even though that is true, I seriously doubt that’s the problem.

I used a resolution of 200, it took some time, have you tried something less than 305?

I have tried 280 I think. But I would prefer to use a really high resolution for the animation.

Eventually you will get to a resolution where your computer runs out of memory. You may have just found this limit for yourself.

I make sure I have enough RAM available for the simulation. I will try it at a lower resolution here in a few days.

How much of memory you have ?

At 305, the sim needs 1.8 gigs of ram and I usually have around 2.4 gigs available all the time.