Fluid Simulator with Animation


I want to try to make a liquid pour from an animated bottle or glass using the fluid simulator. So far I haven’t had much luck with it. I’ve set the bottle as an obstacle and with a free setting, but when I bake it, just the bottle is animated rotating and the water has not done anything. Are there any certain settings I need to use or anything?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Any ideas at all?

How do you set the bottle? Init Shell, Init Both or Init Volume?
How did you put the fluid inside the bottle? Did yous set it as Init Shell/Volume or Both?
The fluid is created and destroyed or is not created?
If you post your .blend I can give it a look.



They are both set on the default initial volume right now. I’m not quite sure about what you mean with the fluid being created or destroyed. I didn’t put it on inflow if that’s what your asking.

Here’s the blend.


pkblender is right - your bottle is NOT a volume; meaning that the walls of the bottle do not have a thickness to them, so you need to set your bottle to ‘Init Shell’.

so to explain further, a Cube is ‘Init Volume’ -it has an inside and an outside
a Plane has no discernable inside or outside, so it would be set to ‘Init Shell’;even if the Plane is moulded into the shape of a bottle.

There also appears to be some duplicate vertices, so you should select all vertices and do a [w] > Remove Doubles and then recalculate the Normals [Ctrl] + [n].

Finally, I seemed to getting some “leakage” of the fluid through the bottle at a resolution of 100; perhaps a higher Resolution might solve that, but I haven’t tried it yet. So push the resolution as high as your computer can handle without crashing Blender. Keep an eye on the estimated memory requirements printed out, and remember that your os and any other applications you are running are also using some memory.

I think you need to fill the bottle first, then pour it out. That way, as you tip the bottle, the fluid sim will calculate the tilt and new location/shape of the liquid. As it tips over far enough, it should then start pouring over the bottle.

To fill the bottle, just start with a domain that is roughly the shape and size of the bottle, placed inside the bottle of course, and run the sim. The domain will glooop and slosh to fill the bottle and settle. Then start rotating the bottle.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.