Fluid Starting inside open obstacle

I have a coke can in my model, and I want to have the fluid start out inside of it, and flow out of the opening. The coke can and other parts of it are obstacles inside of the domain and the fluid starts off inside of the coke can (there is an opening on the top).

The problem is is that when I bake the animation, the fluid is not baked, the mesh stays the way that it is. If I pull the fluid outside of the coke can and place it somewhere else in the domain, then it will properly bake.

Any ideas what’s going on and how to fix it?

Edit: I also just noticed that if I place the fluid mesh halfway in and half way out of the obstacle (coke can), the part that is outside of it will be baked properly.

it is possible when you didn’t see it, it’s just your resolution is too low, so try again at a really high rez.
if that doesn’t work try this:
first make a new mesh that fits in the bottle, then, set up everything. set the open bottle as an obsticle with shell select. make the fluid inside of it a fluid set as volume. do a few test bakings at a really low resolution just to see what happens (to see it, make sure in the standard bake menu, have it as Geometry on both and then once finished, set both to final) also, just incase you didn’t know, Alt + A plays animation.
then, you will need to bake it at a really high resolution like 200+.

Oops, I had Init Both enabled for the obstacle. Changing that to Init Shell fixed the problem.

Thanks for your help.