Fluid - stopping and starting inflow/outflow?

I’m trying to do a complex scene where liquid first pours in and then later drains away.
Is there any way to stop and start inflows and outflows?
e.g. a 1000 frame animation
inflow fills pool on on frames 200 - 400
outflow drains pool in frames 800-1000

It doesn’t look like you have any control and inflows and outflows run for the length of the scene you are baking

I seem to remember doing this in earlier versions of blender but it appears to have changed

In the IPO editor window for your fluid, set it to fluid and you should be able to keyframe the fluid as active/not active. Another way is to keyframe your fluid location, moving it inside then outside your domain volume.

did you try ipo’ing your inflow/ outflow size? I don’t know if this will work but the size can be used to control the flow rate.

You may be able to simply place the outflow outside of the domain. Then animate it into the domain when you want the draining action to occur.

I have not tried it, but just a thought…

Moving the inflow and outflow in and out of the domain and changing its size does appear to work

  • thanks!