Fluid Sym - Logo displacing water (splash) - Smaller drops?

I have an animation where a logo is dropping into water. It’s working in basic form but the logo seems to be displacing too much water and not creating small enough particles so as to look realistic.

Would this be due to having too low a number of mesh in the water OR is it a parameter in the Fluid Dynamics I have over looked?

Does subdivision of the existing polys help or is it all determined in the “slip” values?

I’d like to see real world water effects where if you have a donut landing in water, water should also blast trough the center not just the outer envelope.

And my total noob question - Why on “render image” is the fluid distortions not show and only a flat surface rendered?
Blender 2.65


And my total noob question - Why on “render image” is the fluid distortions not show and only a flat surface rendered?
Blender 2.65
In the domain settings
have you set different fluid resolutions for the rendered image and 3d viewport
Are you using other modifiers ?

Difficult to give precise answers as you haven’t attached your blend file

Added bland file to original post.

Blend File attached to original post.

Here, I modified your scene a little.

  1. For the collision object I used some modifiers to get more regular geometry, which should be fixed even better but I don’t have the time
  2. Your fluid object was visible and renderable obscuring your baked domain
  3. I upped the resolution
  4. Enlarged the domain because some of the fluid stuck to the roof and created problems.

What you can do to improve further:

  1. Slow down the simulation 2X or 3X by changing the duration of the bake and adding frames accordingly, also slow down the dip
  2. Simulate fluid interaction with the logo by slowing it down even further as it breaches the fluid surface (since the simulation is not two way you are pushing the fluid way too much making it explode)
  3. Maybe up the viscosity


Gracias amigo, I appreciate your reply and files greatly.

Based on your numbered list:

  1. I’ll have to review “modifiers” in more depth as the basic logo model was created in Modo or Lightwave (forgot which I used) and will be returned to Lightwave because the final render path will be easier to texture (for me) due to my lack of experience with Blender.
  2. Ok, I tried using the Eyeball icon and Camera icon in the Outline window, but that did remove the fluid object from rendering. I’ll have to research more on this as it was easier to recreate the project to get the desired results then find the property to change visibility.
  3. How do you do this? I think this is the key to getting realistic splashes ( as well as slow down the event to remove the explosive conditions ).
  4. Eventually the sequence will use that effect as a final blur:
    a) Logo only drops into liquid and not back up as in the test.
    b) Splash hits ceiling or a plane of glass and dropps sticking to this pane create a transitional blur as the drops / splash hits
    the pane of glass.

Again, really appreciate you taking the time to help.

Sorry I just realized the reason that your fluid wasn’t rendering was that somehow you set under object->duplication to Group for your domain object. Set it to ‘None’ and its renderable again.

Better but still there is an obstruction… I changed the Domain from Group to None which did allow some particles to show…


Current file attached:

Can anyone determine from the last uploaded Blender file why or what is obscuring the Fluid Sym and how to remove it from rendering?

I’ve unchecked the Eye graphic and Camera graphic in the items list but still there is something blocking the rendering of the baked fluid.

***** Edit Found solution - Hide Fluid object ****