fluid system: no results

I have a simple fluid scenery here, everything works fine when I use a cube as domain and a sphere as inflow (no further things needed). I bake the fluid, everything is cool so far.

as soon as I resize both domain and inflow to the exact shape I need something goes wrong: Fluid does bake for a while yet there are no visible results anymore. Darn, what have I done wrong?? Is there a minimum size of the inflow relative to the domain?

frustrated: Ulli


aquarium.blend (196 KB)

Use Ctrl+A / Apply Scale and Rotation to ObData for both your fluid and domain to reset scales back to 1 for each axis. You need to do this when you change your object or only scale them in edit mode.

Thanks Richard, I didn’t know that. I tweak the shapes in edit mode now. Everything works, great!