fluid test in the new CVS build...what is

With the release of the new CVS (11-6-06) under the documentation there was a sample fluid file with a blue guy and a tub of water…In examining the .blend file I found a Suzanne model on a different layer. What is she there for? Also, What makes the water deform at the beginning of the animation?
Thanks if you know the answers,

I actually wondered myself how they got the water moving to start with. I have a couple theories, but you should be able to tell from the blende file. Also, I imagine suzanne just got left behind after some test where he was dropping suzanne in the water or something.

Actually, She is part of the new particle system in the fluid sim. She is set up as float…I think to give the illusion of foam… The water moving in the beginning is due to a mesh deformation on the fluid object (which is hidden in layer 6 I think). I just don’t know enough about the particle system to understand what Suzanne does.