Fluid test

Just a little fluid test. Say something about it if you like…


Pretty good, and very detailed, although I would love to see a simulation that at least appeared to be in real time some day.

Looks cool …

Yeah, I think we don’t see them often because most who test the simulator don’t understand how the Start Time/End Time settings work … and if they do, they’re discouraged from changing it when setting it for ‘real-time’ motion slows the simulation down.

I thought I understood those “time” settings.
Actually I pretty much followed the blender manual (duration 4 seconds, 100 frames) but it looked way too fast! :frowning:

Actually, this one doesn’t look too bad on the speed … most end up appearing really slow-motion.

Your speed might have looked fast because your real world size was off??

Still gonna be a small fluid sim, just add the default cube to your scene and thats 2 Blender units - measure the size of the domain and adjust the real world size accordingly…