Fluid Text Animation

A simple fluid animation.
Fluid to Solid text and then back to fluid.


(about 1 MB)

that was cool! O.o

How did you change it to solid and the to fluid? it is cool effect

that was great, please enlighten us :slight_smile:

It’s nice, but not seamless. That means that it didn’t actually change from a fluid to a solid and back, it’s two separate objects that are probably in different layers. Very nice though. I don’t know how you got the fluid to explode. That’s what I’m interested to know.

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I did a little bit of trickery in the middle, using an alpha IPO to fade from the fluid to a Text object, but only because A) My computer didn’t have enough RAM to increase the Resolution setting high enough to match the text shape (It tends to “blob” together for objects that are close to one another) and B) I couldn’t figure out a way to freeze the fluid animation.

Basically, it’s just using a Text object (converted to mesh, remove doubles, recalculate normals, and split [p] each letter) to produce the fluid simulation, then manually renaming the mesh object files produced in reverse order (probably an easier way to do this, not sure).

The explosion effect at the end is simply the fluid colliding with the side of the domain object. I was planning to do a “text turning into water running along a floor towards the viewer and then off frame”, but I thought this looked pretty nice so I left it like that.

cool cool (I just got a message box saying that “cool” was too short and I had to add more, so cool cool buddy)