Fluid to geometry


I dont’t mean a fluid simultion that turns to a mesh :no: , I just want to know if theres a usable Tut (I didn’t find one myself for long time):confused: that shows u how to use a control object properly in fluid sim…

like that example that propably everyone knows…

thanks in advance!

Hi, I started learning fluid control objects today and I have to say they arent as hard as I thougt. With enough computing power, I could now replicate the duck fight. If you have a more detailed question, we can try to solve it together :slight_smile: .

FWIW, 2 general tips, I learned the hard way, for controller objects: 1) make them solid objects or simple surfaces, eg the default monkey mesh will mess you up because the eyes aren’t attached. 2) do not start with the controller immersed within the fluid; instead, turn on the strength, then immerse the controller, then bring it out of the fluid.

here are some of my experiments:

thank you guys for your responses!

@walshlg …yes great tipps with the solidness and the order to do things! I will try that out!

@tillonius3002 …for shure thank you! The outcome should look like liquid Metal (somehow like the t1000 in Terminator ;))
How ever, this fluid metal should have the viscosity of honey + At the beginninng it should appear as several drops, that eventual gather to form a certain logo…

The best would be if this controlled fluid object would transform to the original state of the logo to give it a proper finish…

just the Idea… My personal attempts were far from that/ the controlled fluid showed only a little the appearance of the logo…
Might be the aspect walshlg talked about…

to form a logo (which was my reason to use control objects too), you need a really high resolution, or a very big logo. Important is that the logo is not thin or too complex. The viscosity must be set in the Physics>Domain World panel, you can animate the viscosity, so that shouldnt be a problem. The material is simple too. You have to turn up the Fluid attraction strength, to have a good effect. And of course you can stop the fluid, and then blend between the real logo and the fluid. But please skype me (send me a message with your skype name) for more detailed things.
Hope this helps,


EDIT: Im german too :slight_smile:

hi Tillonius3002!

Also, ich hatte das Projekt vor ein paar monaten(vorerst) aufgegeben und werde es aber mit euren/deinen Tips wieder versuchen und ein neues Blendfile anlegen…

Skype muss ich mir noch anlegen, sobald ichs hab schick ich dir ne Nachricht!

PS:Wo kommst du denn her?