Fluid with multiple materials

I managed to setup a fluid simulation with a domain, an obstacle and fluid objects. The fluid object is something I modeled and has multiple materials. At the start of the simulation, the fluid has the overall shape of the fluid object, but lacks some of the smaller details. It also only displays the primary material that the fluid object has, though I linked its material to the fluid domain.

My main question is, can the fluid simulation have more than one material?

The material is that of the fluid domain. You can only have one material per fluid simulation

…and one fluid domain per simulation, unfortunately. Sorry it took me a while to reply. I have been searching and racking my brain for some sort of solution or work around for this problem. I did find out that I could apply an image texture to the fluid domain, using generated coordinates. Though, I don’t think that will help me mimic the original objects materials. I guess I might have to try some other method in order to get my model to melt.

Thank you, for clearing that up for me, Richard.