Fluid wont bake

I am making a fluid simulation with a large domain and lots of objects that is interacting with the fluid.

When I try to bake it it rushes trough the baking in 10 seconds give or take. And the domain is still just a box. It doesnt matter what level of resolution I have.

Got any idea how to fix this??

Thanks! :slight_smile:

you’ll get more help if you post the blend file! theres so many things that “could” be wrong

Ok. That is true.
How do I do that?

Just use the icon to attach an image… but select your blend file instead. That’s the fastest way I know.

Or you can store your file on http://www.pasteall.org/ and copy/paste the link in your post.


Here is the file!!!

One week later… No answer… I just looked at your file and I understood why. It’s a total mess in here.

First, you don’t need to work at such a scale. Reduce everything to 10% of its current size. That’s enough. (I couldn’t see everything because of the camera clipping. Insane!) And next, restart from zero. It looks like you applied a subsurf modifer at the power 10… at least. And don’t get me started on the normals. Even Blender can’t cope any more with such a mess. Don’t expect anybody to do such a tedious work by hand for you. So…

Always work with the simplest geometry as possible because fluid simulations are computer-heavy stuff. The pretty and complex stuff must stay out of the way until the rendering.

Sorry if I’m not more friendly but at least you get a (honest) answer.

Its good that you are honest. Scale down. Simplify my work. OK

Thank you very much for the reply

Also, make sure you create a unique folder for the bake. I was having very frustrating problems with fluid baking (10 sec bake + nothing happens) because my different blend files were sharing the same directory(default one) for baking. If blender crashes when you click bake, you don’t have enough memory for the operation, and need to either reduce your project, shut other programs down, or reduce the ‘resolution’ of the domain.