Fluid wont interact with animated mesh

I am having a problem getting fluid to interact with my mesh (Human Figure) that is animated using an armature.

The fluid interacts with the mesh at its start position (before any animation done using armature) and you can see a human shaped hole in the fluid throughout. but it doesn’t appear to see the mesh as it is animated using the armature.(see picture)

I set the Mesh as a fluid obstacle
Volume init: Both
Boundary type: No Slip
Animated mesh: Export (selected)
Impact Factor:1

My Domain:
realworld size:10
Boundary type: no slip
surphace sub div:3
tracer particals 500
generate particals:1.0

My fluid is a cube that fills the lower half of the domain and covers the mesh at its start position


Just worked it out!
For the mesh the Armature modifier needs to be above the Fluidsim in the modifier stack - then it worked