FluidRay RT 0.9.5 Released

FluidRay RT 0.9.5 has just been released. This new version includes:

  • Much improved PathTraceIntegrator, providing a much better sampling of thin glass materials
  • Improved sampling for environment illumination in interior renderings
  • General speed improvements
  • Solved compatibility problems with Windows Vista
  • Bug fixes

As usual, you can download it for free here: http://www.fluidray.com/downloads

For a dumb ass what exactly is it. A render engine that operates outside of Blender?

Yes, it operates outside blender. It’s a real-time global illumination renderer based on the CPU. It uses Intel Embree as ray-tracing kernels

Can you tell us what the roadmap for this renderer is? For example will you eventually be working on a Blender exporter, and have you considered a linux version?

Here you can find the feature list: http://www.fluidray.com/features/
Most of the features are already implemented, we are getting close to the final 1.0 release. Blender exporter and linux version are planned.

Can you briefly describe why your renderer is better than those out there? What is the focus/architecture that makes it stand out, be better for xyz etc? You probably know that you have a LOT of competition and I’m looking for a sentence or too as to what the passion of this renderer is and it’s future. On your web site I see a feature list, not really a vision of why yours is better etc.

Couldn’t find a video demo around - could you elaborate on your definition of “real-time”?

I’ve seen plenty of renderers advertise themselves as real-time renderers, whene in truth they’re simply progressive renderers that show the result in real-time, but a render still takes several minutes to converge noise.

For a noiseless render, anything quicker than 30 seconds per frame of multiple light bounces from multiple sources I would consider “real-time” (at a push).

With FluidRay RT, the focus is to pack the most complete feature set possible while having a real-time workflow. Most if not all the “real-time” renderers out there are GPU based. We decided to take a different route an make it CPU only. Why? here is a complete explanation: http://www.fluidray.com/why-no-gpu/
As far as we know, FluidRay RT is the only “real-time” renderer that packs together features like:
-Bidirectinal Path Tracing
-Metropolis Light Transport
-Light Path Expressions
-Open Shading Language
-Ability to handle huge scenes (since it’s not limited by the GPU memory)
together with an real-time interface that allows you to get an immediate feedback on the changes you are making.
With all of this, we hope to help the users produce the highest quality renderings with less effort and in less time.

check these videos


how long the free version will work?

The free version will work until the release of the final version 1.0

meh, no linux version

How much are you going to sell the commercial version for?

We don’t have a final price yet