Fluids and containers?

I am trying to place a fluid inside of a container using a smaller cylinder as a starting fluid object. However, when baking the simulation, the issue shown in the following screenshot occurs where there are gaps between the fluid and the obstacle walls. I made sure to check the “remove air bubbles” setting and apply the scales of all objects involved in the simulation, as well as give the container some thickness.

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/jTYlmKj

Does anyone know how something like this can be resolved? Thanks.

No blend file supplied with your post to review !!! Why not ??

Increase fluid resolution
Use two objects for the obstacle, one to bake and one for rendering, each slightly different in size to take into effect any gap.
Use a boolean modifier below the fluid modifier to cut away any unwanted areas (make fluid sim slightly larger than you want)

I got it now, turned out one of the obstacles on a different layer was interacting with the fluid in an unexpected way.