fluids and particles

when i saw this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AiLyQWXjIg&feature=related

i wanted to replicate it. but things don’t happen the way i like.

for example, my water seems too thick. resolution is turned up to 300. and when i turn generate particles up a bit my water seems to disappears on certain arreas of the fluid mesh. theres no tutorial available about this particle option and how to use it. so maybe you guys know how to do it??


You’re in luck - look here

About fluids that disappear, sometimes ago i read about a probable bug. Sometimes the fluid disappears or suddenly reduces itself (also without using particles). If you look in my site, under Ipo section, in the 3rd example (GravX/Y/Z) the fluid disappears near the ending.

If you don’t want to use very hight resolution, you can use particles according to surface subdivision. This gives you a lot of details al at lowr resolution (but it also low up baking time). You can find some example of fluid’s particles on my site.


I have the same thing, the fluid suddenly gets less and than some frames later it suddenly becomes more. I have seen that in some fluid demo on youtube also. Is there a work around ? I also use an extra gravity vector Y, maybe it’s related.