Fluids, can I increase apparent scale?

I am trying to flood a carpark, but the water looks like it is filling a bucket! How can reduce the droplet size? Will I have to increase the the Ram in my computer to terrabytes?:rolleyes:

You pretty much need terrabytes. The amount of RAM needed is in proportion to the resolution of the grid.

You might need to tweek the real world size too make it look more like a carpark instead of a bucket but to get really small droplets you pretty much need shitloads of ram.

Try also checking out what the particles option in the fluid sim does. Last I read about it it wasn’t finished but I understood it as something that could create sprays and that sort of things.

also you might want to try a cvs build, it has a number of improvements. Including the particle based spray.


Cool thanks LetterRip, hey Flyingscanian I can’t increase scale beyond 10 meteres or is that 10 Blender units?).

I tried Subd’ing the mesh and dipsplacing it with a texture, but that just screws up the nice wave that is built into the sim at the start, but a bit of Nor works well.

No money for terrabytes yet, will upgrade to Quantum computer and Crystal memory.

Think you can fake larger sizes than 10 meters by decreasing the viscosity. Should do about the same thing.

yeah I was thinking that exact thing last night, I also wound up the gravity for extra weight.

Original poster: to increase the realism of the water, you’ll need:
-bake it at high resolution (400+)
-low viscosity
-10 meter domain size (currently that seems to be the limit)
-use particles to add spray

Here are some video of Blender fluid simulation in motion

LetterRip, I tried the CVS build a week ago and particle spray (non-tracer particle) doesn’t seems to be working. It does generate the particle for many ‘particle’ tar.gz are generated, but I can’t seems to load any particles. Has the procedure for loading fluid particles changed? It was working in 2.41.

Hi, if you have access to an up-to-date CVS build, you could try the particle generation & isosurface subdivision options - those could help to give the impression of smaller drops…
Regards, -> Nils

n_t has spoken! All hail n_t! Gotta try out the CVS right now… :smiley:

Hail, oh great one!

Damn not near Blender now… must get to B L E N D E R aaaaaarrrggghhh

I have a dream that one day all OS will be have Blender preinstalled.

Considering its small size, i don’t see WHY Windows Vista can’t bundle Blender…

mpan3 - that might set a dangerous precedent :wink:

back on topic.

I believe n_t added a new text box entitled ‘Realism’
in the Technical Details section at:


(or at least, I don’t recall seeing it there before).

Before i file a bug report:

Nov 8th CVS (also tried 6th and 5th) isn’t stable while baking, blender quits without warning from time to time. Mem usage is always kept below 100mb. Anyone else have the same problem?

…btw, that box has been there for some time now, since 2.41.

Ah, sorry about that.

I printed out that web page on September 15, 2006 , and at that time, for whatever reason, the image of the glass being filled seemed to cover up part of the printed page - though I tried printing out just the text, I must have missed that text box. (It prints out fine now btw).

With regards to problem baking, I’ve been using the Windows CVS versions for - Nov.6 and Nov.7 with no problems; bakes in the range of 500 MB or so.

Only issue I’ve encountered so far is:

Gimble thanks for getting back to me. Can you try to bake this test file for me? preferrably without any change in settings.

I am also on windows. And the rest of my system is rock solid stable. (just tried overnight rendering without problem)

The test file crashed Blender around frame 190 or so with the following error message in the console:

Memoryblock reconstruct: end corrupt

I didn’t change anything, except for a couple file paths (of course) and added a material for the particle emitter object (not sure if that was necessary).

Normally I haven’t done anything in the range of 800 frames though lately, mostly about 100 or so frames…

thanks a ton! :smiley: My latest attempt (same file) crashed at 151 with the same error.

Actually, I just noticed that your obstacle -
the ‘Blender’ text has some normals reversed.
Also, when you convert from text, it’s not all
connected together, so you should also do a
Remove Doubles.

Not sure if that’s the culprit and I don’t have
time to do another run tonight - maybe tomorrow…

I turned off particles and re-enabled vector-cache and now it’s at 185 and still going…

I’ll also try to clean up the text afterwards.

This may or may not work but, have you tried scaling up your carpark so that the water seems smaller?