Fluids in 4.0a

I have a glass, a floor set as obstacle, and a cube around them set as domain, then a “drop” set as a fluid. When I bake them the “drop” dose not go into the glass (it is positioned directly above the glass) it acts like the glass is solid on top and splashes off the top instead of going into it. Why does it do this?

you probably need to post a link to your blend to find out for sure.


How can I host it?

It may be that the glass is too small in comparison to the fluid domain try sizing down the domain or upping the resolution.

Is the glass a true solid object, i.e. have thickness (not just a plane), and are all the normals pointing in the right direction.

You can post me the blend is you like [email protected]

Change the GUI presentation settings to final in the fluid panel. If it still dosn’t show up, you need to up the resolution and bake all over again.

What would be a good resolution?