Fluids in larger worldscale


I have created large grass blade height about 5m and VE: ~29000. I wont scale it down because Indigo renderer may have problems with its slimm top where all verts are to close together
Iwill replicate & customize max 35-70x They are for camera closeup. In far there will be simple grass and more simple grass…
I wanna add real rain drops on grass blades and little water puddle on grass blade center cavity (where angle is right).

Its not animation but i probably need to do some fluid simulation ?= animation (then render only 1 frame). Therfore i need right settings for water where water drop with cubage 1000x biger will act like 1000 times smaller water drop.

Allsoo i wanna see water puddle down close to grass blades roots.

And my experiments with soft bodies to get not intersecting grass blades haven’t worked jet.

If you’re just doing a single frame and you only want a few drops and puddles, then you should just model it by hand, you’ll have a lot more control of the outcome that way too. Also, why are you using softbodies for a single frame? I know it can be useful in some situations, but grass isn’t one of them unless you’re animating wind or something. The particle system has many ways of making nice grass that follows laws of physics and is random at the same time. You can always edit the grass yourself too.

Thanks for reply.

Do u know how to move rain dropp close to grass blade soo when i move it closer it will deform but not go through and allsoo take a realistlic shape of water drop and stick on blade.

Can i have gravity on some object to fallow the landscape space curvature and not fall through.

Thank u very mutch :eyebrowlift2:

If you’re using particles for the grass, that would be impossible, and I’m not sure you would want to make grass any other way. Even if you hand modeled the grass blades, you would have to have an extremely high res fluid sim to have water droplets splash and run down the grass… even then I don’t think it would look right, the fluid simulator works better for simulating bodies of water, not droplets. If you get a photo of some dew on grass, you will see how it looks and then you can just model your own drops. Same thing goes for the puddles that you want to flow in and around your landscape. Model the water yourself, then you could use a normal map to make it more realistic.

Ok thanks for advice.
I wass thinking of box with small holes on below, and low level of fluid inside. Its not large area to water. And if possible i subsurfe the ugly water drops close to camera.

Small area to water with rain.