Fluids + Memory Corruption?

Hello all,

Im hoping this is the correct forum to post this in.
Im attempting to use the new fuids in the latest CVS and Im encountering some issues.

I set the simple scene up following this tut:


My initial bake goes well (most of the time). But after that if I make any changes and rebake I begin getting this in the console:

Compiled with Python version 2.4.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Memoryblock lib block: end corrupt

In my 3D window the fluid goes wonky, running the sim as if the fluid is in a container obstacle a unit or three ABOVE the actual container obstacle.

Generally what I do is:
Set up my scene.
Enable all objects as part of the fluid sim according to their purpose.
If I need to make a change Ill stop the bake using ESC and then use UNDO (CTRL+Z) to go back prior to the bake. Is this whats screwing me up?

Any help on this is appreciated.


Try deleting the previous bake files before re-baking.

I had the same problem (memory corrupt), turning off particles and iso-subdivision seems to have fixed it.

Ya know, I have a similar problem with the new CVS: I bake, and it aparently is “baking” however when I attempt to play the animation, nothing. No Error message, nothing, as if I never pressed the Bake button. Any suggestions?

never seen that before, you probably set up the domain wrong. Care to post a blender file?

//sorry to hijack cdi3d’s thread :wink:

Where are these files stored?

I dont believe I had these on but Ill double check.
And no worries…glad its not just me.

Yeah, fixed my issue, no worries, kind of idiotic my problem was. So yeah…