Fluids mess up Blender

Hi there, I don’t know if this is the right category for this, but I’ll go ahead jabberin’ about my problem.

I just got a brand new LG S900 laptop with Vista Home Premium and of course immediately installed the brand new Blender. Everything seemed to work ok (except for some buggy menu interfacing which shows the Blender splash screen in the background for a reason unknown to me) up until the moment I started working on my entry to the BlenderNation header contest.

I decided to use fluids with this one and started happily constructing the obstacles. At first everything went well, but for some reason the baking now freezes when going above 150 in resolution. I get a weird Runtime error with blender.exe (I already saw some other people having the same problem with 2.45) and it crashes. This is weird, because the 150 res only eats up about 58.4 mb of memory, according to Blender. I already baked the same fluid before with resolutions like 300 and 400 and it worked well. But now it’s stuck in that goddamned 150.

Any solutions, ideas and shared experiences will be appreciated. Thanks!