Fluids only bake at very low resolutions

Hi everyone, I’m brand new here and fairly new to Blender (I currently use LightWave mainly). I’ve done some searching here, and read all the tutorials I can find elsewhere on the web, and while they’ve been very helpful in quickly learning how to use the fluid sim, they don’t talk too much (or at all) about how to optimize the settings for the best results.

I’m working on this image for a client, and have been modeling the water and splashes in LightWave. After seeing some Blender videos on YouTube, I thought it might be a way to create the water for images like this, as opposed to modeling it manually.

I fairly quickly got some nice splashes, but they’re just not detailed enough to use for a print resolution image. I must be doing something wrong, because Blender won’t bake at all, or stops baking after just a few frames, with my resolution any higher than about 130. My domain object isn’t too much bigger than the jar and flower (just big enough to allow some splashes to get a slight distance from the impact). I’m using a simple rectangular cube for my inflow.

From what I’ve seen on YouTube (water splashing through an entire city), it would seem Blender should be able to handle my little splash with ease.

My system is a dual-quad core Xeon (2.4Ghz Nehalem) with 12 gigs of memory, running 64bit Windows 7.

So what are the tricks to getting Blender to bake at a decent resolution?

Thanks in advance for any help, and I’m really loving Blender so far!


My advice is to first just get it to bake, start a new blend, use the default cube for the domain, don’t scale it at all, don’t change any settings on the domain object except to punch up the resolution to at least 300, add a uvsphere for inflow and scale it inside your cube (scale in edit mode). I have used fluid sims several times in professional work with success, at about 400 res on a weaker machine than you described. I have to tell you though, it is more stable on Linux.