Fluids - water drop

this is my first post woohoo!
i’m a noob in blender, and i was playing around with the fluid simulator,
and i wanted to make a water droplet falling into say, a cup of water.
But i don’t get how to fill an object with fluid in the first place, so you have a ripple-free fluid to drop the water drop into ( if that makes sense…).

first of all you need to create a domain for the fluid sim to take place in. all this is is a cube that surrounds the entire area that water is going to be (add the cube, and set as Domain in the fluid sim buttons). Then select your cup, and set it as an obstacle. add a mesh (doesnt really matter what) into your cup, and while still in edit mode, add a sphere above it. Set this object as fluid, and then select the domain and hit bake!

You’re allowed to have more than one fluid object in a domain. Use one for the still water, and one for the drop.:wink:

True, Lotr, i just thought that using one object might speed up simulation time. Idk, just a thought