Fluids & Wind ?

hi , I am a new user of blenderartist.org so please , do not pay attention to the various faults that I could write. So : My question : to avoid explaining too much in detail , please look this short video : http://mcnaze.free.fr/nimp/microsoft_logo.wmv . I like the way in which the liquid sphere moves and I want to reproduce this effect via blender: I test with Winds on the fluids but that does not work (or then I’m doing this badly)

Have Suggestion ?

Nope, wind doesn’t affect anything. You could make random invisible objects splashing all around it to make it ripple though. Anyway, that doesn’t look like wind, that looks like living fluid, which MAY ACTUALLY become possible in the near feature. There’s a demo of shape controlled fluid on the guy’s website (the guy who made the fluid engine)

ok, thank you for quick replying :wink: . I’ll test with Metaballs and particules . If the result is good , i return here the provisional solution. Good night