I’m new to this fluid simulation, but I got it to work, except for this time:


what happened?

Maybe you don’t know it : to see the fluid sim hit Alt-A
And maybe try with a bigger icosphere.

yes I’ve tried alt a, but I need the icosphere to be small

anyway it doesn’t really matter, I was just curious to see why it didn’t work

I’m having this same problem…

Did you set the fluid sim resolution to 17? That’s what it looks like in the images you posted. 25 is really small. 50 is small. 100 is medium. Even at 100 your sphere is so small that the smallest particle of fluid would barely fit in there, so when it falls it won’t make a spash. At least set the res at 100 and see what happens. For that little drop to do anything you’ll have to set it at 200.

You can keep the sphere at the same size but you really need to kick up the resolution of the fluid simulation for that to do anything.