hey ive been having a prolem with flluids in 2.4

obstacles are not doing anything, the fluids are treaveling straight around it or thru it. i have a wine glass mesh (Fully closed mesh and normals are calculated outside). i want the liquid to fall down into the cup and then have some of it splash out and leak onto the floor. now one question is does the obstacle use its exact mesh when interacting with the Fluid? or is it the bounding box like with the domain? also how the f do i do get it to do what i want it to do? lol, sorry for using such harsh letters like that

also the fluids have not been splashing… as soon as the they hit the ground it perfectly falttens out and doesnt even spread out to fill the domain. the only time this does work is if my Fluid mesh is the same size or larger than my domain mesh. ive tried different viscositys, gravity, intial fluid velocity, resolutions, and end times. you name it ive tried it. the only thing i can think of is there must be a problem with my mesh. pls any help

someone help please??? lol

First thing to try is to set your boundary limit using a polyhedre model.
In the Object context (F7) >> Object buttons sub-context >> Draw panel >> Draw extra group the list under the Bound button.

Also, having the normals of your obstacle pointing outside may do the trick. The shortcut is CTRL+Nkey.