I’m wondering what’s the deal with the ‘tracer particles’ and the other options in one of the fluid tabs?


That’s the best docs so far.


Thanks, I honestly was having trouble finding that.

But now I’ve got a problem. I have no idea why, but when I bake fluid, it just disappears. I can’t even see the object center. (whoops, I just realized I’m on the SSS build, I’ll try baking in the 2.43 release.)

[edit] Just checked, the problem persists.
I’ve got a video of the problem, pm me your email if you think that’ll help.

The Fluid should disappear and the Domain object becomes the new ‘fluid’ when baking begins. I’m not up to scratch with fluids and haven’t experimented with Trace Particles.


No, I know the domain becomes the fluid, what I meant was that the domain object just disappears in general. Only way I can get to it is by selecting everything and then deselecting everything that I can see.

I think I managed to get around it though, I just re-made the scene in a different file. It’s baking right now.