fluld silmulation

i 'm trying this tut


on fuild simulation

should be easy but no working!

i did the baking - a few seconds

then Alt- a to see it and nothing is happening

can someon help to make this little fuild simulation thing work

i tried to follow a video tut
it takes about 15 minutes to do this so very easy

and there seems to be a problem at the bake stage of the tut
it’s like my bake is not working as it should

is there a limit on the lenght of the file path
cuase i don’t think it’s putting it in the same folder than i’v indicated ?


hey i tried to do this
dont works well for me
but maybe will give u ideas


fluid_Test.blend (220 KB)

Shay Tessler, It works ok when you asign the object Cube to be the Domain and increase the resolution higher than the default numbers.

RickyBlender - what’s not working, can you post the blend ?


here is a pic of what i see after baking

now i do ahve the baked files in the same folder

so it’s only a little thing not working
like i did nly one second baking
may be it’s too short cause of gravity ?

there is a little white thing at the top but not certain aht it is ?

any help appreciated

Increase the fluid resolution to maybe 150-200. If its too low you will see very little fluid. Also set the Disp.-Qual to Final so you’re not seeing the lower res preview.


Hi BlenderRicky, I’ve modified your blend so it should now create a fluid animation. I’ve changed your domain to a cube, moved the fluid so it does’t intersect the obstacle and changed the obstacle to a shell.

wterbowl1.blend (76.2 KB)


first time it works fine wow that’s good

but i was not like that in the video
don’t know if you had chance to loo kat it !
but when you bake the domain dissapear
so how to procede to re- bake again?

when you do the baking this means that all the material color Mirro Tranps have been set
cause this cannot be change afteward!

the sphere was not big so may be it did not have enough volume to fill the bottom of the glass?

also for the domain you set final rendering i think
what does it change ?

i want to try on to make a river with Shay Tessler
see post
with different wya to do it and fluid might be the best way to do it!
but not certain about it
blender does not have any reflection on the liquid i think this may have to rendered with yafaray to get the best results!

i think this require the fluid volume top be inward or outtward i think
would it be possible to help with this one too
you can find the file at the same place
file is called river
it 's a very sinple model a small mesh for the land and a river in the middle

i tried to find in wiki some good PDF tut but could not
dont understand why there is so little on this subject ?

it’s so amazing


It can be confusing but the domain is the object which actually turns into the fluid during the baking. The ‘fluid’ object is just used as a starting point. You can still see it along with the fluid domain. Move the fluid to a new layer so it does not show up during renders. To change properties and rebake, just select the domain (which after the first bake looks like the fluid.


thanks for sharing you know how with fluid

it’s so cool and can be short to render bu tnot always - got to be carefull

i’m working today on this river with shay

when you use obstacles to make a river

can we use more than one obstacles like rocks in a river
so that the water will go around the rocks

and how about making a fall with all the white stuff around
don’t know if that possible ?

i saw a cool video very short showing a drop of water falling
into a bowl and then you see the waves on the water

how can you do this one drop falling and producing waves
can you explain the step thanks?


Happy blendering

i did one one with inward flow to simulate water fallign down stairwells

now i did set the color to blueish for the soruce of water but
i cannot see the coor in the render

is there a way to put some color on the water instead of greyish ?


The material you want for the fluid in the render needs to be applied to the domain object. You can have more than one obstacle in your domain.

For ripples on the fluid you need a high resolution.

This Video I made with the attached blend. The resolution was set to 240 which takes an age to bake and render and needs lots of ram. The video is about 14 secs long but simulates only 0.4 secs of a fluid. If it was a real time simulation you would never see the wave details.

slow_motion_fluid_drop.blend (135 KB)


If there is any problem with having several stones as obstacles, you still can make the river’s ground with extruded stones as a unique object.
Would, perhaps be even easier to be calculated?

EDIT: water color could be influenced with a plane reflecting it’s color.

@ Richardj

just to know
how long does it take to bake the slow motion one

tried it and got a run time error on it - visual C++ librairy?

@ Almux

2- reflection
how can you have reflection from a plane
are you talking about using Radiosity here ?


tried with this model very simple but
not working the fluid falls down and that’s it
it’s refusing to follow the river slope
see pic

now i did add some rocks onto the same objet than the river bed
don’t know if the water will go around theses?

the domain does cover up the whole riverbed
but i also with a slope ?
don’t know if this can affect the simulation

but i did another one with a staircase and it’s following it

any advices on how to make it work


Some thoughts:
Change the shape of the domain so the fluid object is completely in it. You can make it higher without a problem, the only important thing is its longest side. I would also Cntl-A to clear scale and rotation.
Make the fluid an inflow so there is sufficient fluid to flow down the slope. Give it a little -Z and -Y initial velocity
By default, obstacles are sticky. Change the boundary type to Part or Free
Increase the fluid resolution as high as is practical. Maybe also add some surface smoothing.
Set the realworld size of the domain to a realistic figure. Maximum 10m but if too high the slower to bake.


but it’s not always the case to have the fluid inside or is it?

there is the whole size thing function of time and qty frame
one thing frame have to be set function of the time set in F7?
also the ,aximum dimensions
any more specific doc on theses limitations ?

ok did simul and got that one
did replace the fluid with a cube
and some Speed in y and z

but still lot’s of fluid going donw on the floor !


I’ve amended your blend so the fluid flows down the chute. Make sure your normals are pointing in the right direction, this was giving problems with the fluid flowing.

Fluid Flow


how did you keep the water inside the basci river bed!

i still some droplets coping down on the side at the top
not certain why !

by the way did you put a sink hole at the end for the water?

i did one but the height of water was too high - well above the river

i think have learn more this weekend on fluid then in the last year !

Thanks a lot

Adjust fluid flow by adjusting size of the fluid object and the inflow velocity settings. It needs to be high enough to give you initial flow but if too high it will splash out the river. I changed the obstacle boundary type to Free so the fluid doesn’t stick to it. I want the fluid to flow as smoothly as possible down the river and around the obstacles.


this is beginning to be nice looking for a river with obstacles

now is it possible to render this in yafaray?
to get reflection on water from around

or is there anyway to set up some textures on the water or not?

may be use some sort of particules fluid to get some white stuff above waves?

one thing is that the angmap was not show in the viewport

so to see this i need to do an animation then play it i guess?