fluorescent lamp, directed light - mission imp.?

Greetings to the forum,
i´m absolutely new in blender. But i need to render a shadow (of a person) to be integrated in a compositing greenscreen scene (vegas pro).
The footage contains a background with a long line of fluorescent lamps in a pedestrian underpass, very directed light.
I already rtfm, but my concern seems to be very, but very specific.
Is there really no possibility for a blender-beginner, to build a fluorescent lamp with directed light, that casts shadows? An area lamp, rectangular like a fl.lamp doesn´t seem to work. Several spots only produce several discrete shadows.

what about the area light isn’t working for you? Screenshots of the scene and an example of what you’re going for would be helpful.

make a reflector and put your spots lamps inside
then make the beam as wide as you can that should gie a much closer approximation to a fluo lamp

or if you need better mapping get yourself an IES data sheet for a fluo fixture and use YAFARAY renderer which can accept IES data then it will be exactly like the real fluo fixture

but give more details on the scene like scrrrenshot ex to better undrestand what you mean!


use more than one spot lamp and disable the shadow cast for all of them apart from one.

asano wrote:

what about the area light isn’t working for you?

Thanks for this question. I found out, i still don´t know all the parameters that are available for the area lamp. I´ll try them now.
Thanks for the other comments.

make a point reflector and lamp placed inside the

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