Fluorescent Light Modeling

I need to model a fluorescent light bulb and the light it gives off for a scene.

I got the physical model of the bulb, but I have no idea how to mimic the light’s behavior or looks.

Any help would be appreciated.

A practical example:-

Very nice image, but how do I rig my lights like that?


This is an example of using dupliverts. Take a look at the following article in the wiki. In the example shown, just imagine using a lamp for the dupliverted object as opposed to a mesh object.


Also, here is another article. Scroll near the bottom, and you will see a short tutorial using this method to get soft lighting.


Best of Luck!

If you turn the emit value up on the bulb’s they will look like they are glowing. Then add an area light under that and set it to the shape to match your light housing. This is a quick and very effective way to achieve realistic looking bulbs.