Fluorescent plastic are real?

I heard that the colored neon plastics are made for a real world.

It is rumored that the plastic glows under black light.

But I saw neon lights glow with the blender monkey. But how can you make the material like Lego plastic neon color? Like those pics.

Adding a little bit of glow to an object could be as simple as adding a weak emission shader to a normal one using the add shader node.

As for glowing under ultraviolet, you would need to fake that because there’s no render engine in existence which simulates light outside of the visible range.

how about controlling if possible the light source color with direct and ray length !
one color when it is close to the source then change it to a more mauve color like the ultra violet Black light
like in first post pic

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I wish there was… in fact I wanted this because I was making a bionicle render.

Yah, but how can I make plastic edges glow like the real world neon legos do, not the black light.

just add an emission with the add shader try it and see what it gives
and show pic


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another more direct way is to unwrap and save Uv map then re use it as a mask for edges and add colors to it !

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Here’s more like those?

So you don’t want it to actually emit light as hinted in the images in the first post?

That makes it a bit easier, just use a mix containing a glass shader, a glossy shader, and a diffuse shader.

good idea!
but how can I do it in node? example please?

Plug an emission shader into the volume socket of a glass surface shader. It works pretty well, but isn’t necessarily reactive to UV light, so you have to fake it with the emission strength.

like this? didn’t looked good.

hey, we there another update coming? because I need the UV lights, and neon colors program option to be part of the blender without faking it up.

I don’t think UV lights are on the development radar of any engine at the moment (and even if someone did code a UV component for Cycles lights, it’s not going to come overnight and be ready in the next buildbot build).

The only way I could see it being doable on the code level is for Cycles to get light group functionality and have the ability for shaders to react or appear only when rays from those lights are hitting the object (though using the ray intensity as a mask could be tricky to code for a path-based engine).

The shader will depend a lot on the geometry. Try adding a solidify modifier and see if that helps

this… isn’t fair… no it wasn’t…

Mitsuba can render down to 320 nm. Most uv-a blacklights are in the 350 - 380 nm range. And I bet if you wanted to dig into the source, you could probably get that lower. The top limit wavelength is 950 nm, which is beyond the official visible wavelengths, though humans are capable of defecting up to 1000 nm.

yes I get it, but dude seriously why?
I saw no real neon… infect the red edges glow.

I’m not sure I understand. Can you post more pictures of what you are trying to accomplish?

I’m not sure I understand. Can you post more pictures of what you are trying to accomplish?