FLuppiDev | W.A.R.

Hey there!

Its me again after a long time!
I am still working on a FPS game with some friends, a futuristic single (hopefully even multiplay) game
We are always on the search for some help, so if you want to join contact us on facebook:

I hope you could understand what I wanted to tell you my English is not really the best :slight_smile:
So here are some pics:


An old but still good video:

The tank control looks very smooth. I don’t know if you’ve changed it or not, but tanks don’t bounce around like that. Tracks can go over rough ground pretty smoothly. And I feel the turret moves too fast. Very nice job. :slight_smile:

Thanks cam.dudes!
The tank control is still the same but I will correct it in the fututure :wink:
And sorry for not posting anything so long so here are some pics and vids!


Idk why but the video made me excited :). It’s pretty darn awesome.

Well thank you :slight_smile:
Here is a pic of the current progress:


Some progress on the Tiger model :slight_smile:


Some new progress!


A short video showing the updates.

New sniper rifle concept.


So, is this going to be a battlefront/field type game? Run and gun?

Yes a first person shooter.

Hey there it was kind of a long time I postet something, so here is the latest video :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool, nice job and good luck!
My only crit is the textures - they look too bland, they don’t have enough detail (in my opinion), maybe you could add some dirt textures or details to walls and objects? :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
And yes your right I have to do a lot of work on my models but I try to get a basic gameplay before I work on the more advanced graphics.
But I had some time to add lense flares:


More lense flares :slight_smile: