Fluttershy's Visit (Blender camera tracking)

Today I worked on another camera track in Blender 2.65, showing me spending time with Fluttershy from My Little Pony (MLP videos are something I’ve been planning to work on for some time). I filmed it using my Samsung Galaxy S3 (at 1080p) and did some minor sound editing in Audacity, the rest was done entirely in Blender (motion tracked using the Movie Clip Editor). The pony models were originally created by kp-shadowsquirrel for Garry’s Mod and ported to Blender by Cheerilee… this is a modified version I rigged and optimized recently. My version of the Gmod Ponies can be found here.

One noticeable feature from a technical point of view is that for the tail and mane, I used cloth simulation as well as particle hair with hair dynamics. I wasn’t sure if they wold work together, but it seems they do just fine. Simply put the Cloth modifier before the Particle modifier, and bake the cloth cache before baking the hair dynamics. Render time was approximately 16 hours, while it took about 5 days to create the whole thing. Anyway here it is, let me know what you think:

Very well done! Brohoof! /)

My only criticism would be that her tail and mane look like . . . stuffed fabric covered with yarn or something, as opposed to hair. I realize that this is a result of the mesh mane and tail meant for real-time rendering.

On the whole, though, two hooves up! You’ve got her looking cute!

Thank you, I’m glad you like brohoof I noticed she looks a little plastic / rubbery… that’s because of the original models and graphical style though. When I added the hair simulation it started looking better. Although it’s not as realistic, I find the gelly-like tail and mane with fur on them very cute!

Very nice! There was a point where I was thinking “uh-oh, should we be watching this…” Excellent job all around!!

There is very windy in that room! xD

Like they said previously the hair simulation is a bit weird and very windy. The animation of the body is a little too robotic, like if you had only the blocking pass, you need to refine it. But surprisingly the facial animation, especially the eyelid opening and closing is very smooth and realistic.
And the integration and tracking is not too bad! :slight_smile:
It’s really good for a try, i think that you can make a really cool Fluttershy integration who can deserve to be on Equestria Daily now that you’ve understood some tools and mistakes you’d done (in the youtube comments also). :wink:

This is mostly a video editing thing but it would have been neat if you could have rendered Fluttershy laying her head down in your lap…